Wear Resistant Bimetal Tube

Wear Resistant Bimetal Tube

wear resistant bimetal tube(hardacing tube,clad tube,industry wear tube,standard wear tube)from Qishuai produced.Wear resistant bimetal tube with standard sizes and thickness,used in mining companies,steel plants and cement plants at home and abroad.
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Product Details

Wear resistant bimetal tube

Descriptions of the wear resistant bimetal tube

Wear resistant bimetal tube (weld steel pipe,wear resistant chromium carbide tube,high corrosion wear tube,industry wear tube)is a kind of wear resistant tube which is much better than steel tube.Wear resistant bimetal tube is consist of by wear resistant steel tube and then weld a layer to wear resistant.They have good wear resistant and high hardness.It can working under 800℃.These industry wear tube widely used some wear resistant industries and corrosion industries.

Compositions of wear resistant bimetal tube

C Cr Si Mn Others
4% 20-30% 0.5-1.5% 0.5-2.5% less 2%

Product name:wear resistant bimetal tube
wear resistant bimetal tube sizes:φ89,φ114*6+4,φ168*6+4,φ219*10+4,φ273*10+4,φ325*10+4,φ355*10+4,φ407*10+4,φ457*10+4

wear resistant bimetal tube length:2500mm and all sizes are cut.

hardness of wear resistant bimetal tube:58-62HRC