Wear Resistant CCO Plate Manufacturers

Wear Resistant CCO Plate Manufacturers

wear resistant CCO plate manufacturers from Qishaui in China.Supplied kinds of wear resistant products.With 58-62Hrc and 25% chromium plate.
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The main consideration of various wear resistant lining plate is to consider the enhancement of the grinding medium, the operation of the medium, the condition of the condition and so on. When is given priority to with crushing requirements recommended lining surface grinding body ability is stronger, the lining at the same time should have good shock resistance, but not wear resistance and easy deformation, most have to switch to double in the quenching process of medium alloy steel or chromium molybdenum alloy steel plate. Comparing several kinds of wear-resisting materials, it has the best performance of alloy steel with double medium quenching process and the longest life. The medium carbon low alloy liner is high cost performance, which is very prominent in wear resistance and toughness. The lining board has good wear resistance.

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