Wear-resistant Composite Steel Pipe

Wear-resistant Composite Steel Pipe

Wear-resistant composite steel pipe It is composed of ordinary steel pipe (Q235) and high wear-resistant alloy. The high wear-resistant alloy is metallurgically combined with the substrate through a special surfacing welding process. A 3-6MM wear-resistant alloy layer is formed on the inner wall of the steel pipe. The hardness is 58-62HRC.
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Product Details

       The high wear-resistant composite steel pipe has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and impact resistance, and has good toughness, excellent mechanical impact resistance, good weldability and easy installation. It is especially suitable for wear and impact in high temperature and high temperature environment. Such as electricity, metallurgy, coal, mining, cement and other industries. The product has a service life of 20 to 25 times compared with ordinary steel pipes, and the other wear-resistant pipes have a service life of 3 times, which reduces economic costs.


Product performance

Wear resistance

The wear-resistant layer has a thickness of 1~20 mm. The wear resistance is much higher than that of heat-treated wear-resistant steel and centrifugally cast wear-resistant cast iron. The wear resistance is about 20-30 times that of ordinary steel pipe, which is about 5-10 times that of cast wear pipe. .

Impact resistance

Since the base pipe of the surfacing and wear-resistant composite steel pipe adopts a low-carbon steel pipe with good plasticity, it is metallurgically bonded and welded together with the wear-resistant layer, and can absorb a large amount of energy during the impact process, and thus has strong resistance. Impact performance and crack resistance can be applied to conditions with strong vibration and impact.


In the inner wall of ordinary steel pipe (more than 80mm in diameter) or the outer wall (not limited in diameter), a wear-resistant pipe surfacing machine is used to directly weld a layer of high-carbon and high-chromium wear-resistant layer.

Processing performance

The surfacing and wear-resistant composite steel pipe can be made into a standard-sized pipe, which is light in weight and convenient in processing and flexible. Due to the use of a soft base pipe, it can be cut with a heat source such as plasma or carbon arc, which can be welded and welded to make the on-site welding work time-saving and convenient.

High cost performance

The cost of manufacturing workpieces using surfacing and wear-resistant composite steel pipes is higher than that of centrifugally-stretched wear-resistant pipes, but the service life of the workpieces is increased. Considering the maintenance costs, spare parts costs, shutdown and production, safety factors, etc., the cost performance is more resistant to centrifugal casting. The grinding tube is increased by 5-8 times.

Application range

Metallurgical industry: chute, fan, classifier blade, skateboard

Coal industry: feed troughs, hoppers, pipes in coal washing plants, chutes.

Cement industry: wind guide cone, guide vane, dust removal pipe, slag tap.

Power industry: coal mill liner, pulverized coal transfer pipe, distributor grid, chute, coal unloading equipment liner.

Mine tunnel industry: crusher, spiral reamer, excavator bucket teeth, etc.


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