Ceramic Lined Pipe Manufacturers

Ceramic Lined Pipe Manufacturers

ceramic lined pipe manufacturers from China in Qishuai.QS is one of the biggest manufacture focus on all kinds of wear resistant products.Such as wear resistant alumina ceramic and wear resistant chromium carbide products.
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Ceramic tube combines alumina the advantages of high hardness, good chemical inertness and steel, excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and thermal shock and mechanical shock resistance, ceramic composite pipe used in power plant coal powder, ash, mining ores, tailings, back to the packing, coal mine, coal, coking plant, coke grain mill, sintering plant material conveying, also can be used in the transmission of liquid aluminum, corrosion medium. Aluminum heat - lined with ceramic tube centrifugation preparation using the high temperature made its exothermic reaction product melting and separation in under the action of centrifugal force, form the lining of alumina ceramic tube, low energy consumption, less process. Ceramic composite steel pipe

Small running resistance

The SHS ceramic composite tube has a smooth and uncorroded inner surface, and it is not like a convex spiral in a seamless steel tube. The inner surface roughness and the water resistance characteristic test of the internal surface of the test unit is better than any metal pipe, and the coefficient of resistance is 0.0193, which is lower than the seamless tube. Therefore, the tube has the characteristics of small running resistance, which can reduce the running cost.

Wear-resistant ceramic bend is resistant to corrosion and fouling.