Ceramic Pipe

Ceramic Pipe

ceramic-pipe from China with high quality and very nice price.All kinds of sizes and thickness are provided.QS is the one of the biggest manufacture in China.Welcome to your join.
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Features of the ceramic pipe

1.It has high strength, high hardness and light weight, the hardness is hra80-85, and the hardness is much higher than the wear-resisting steel and stainless steel. 

2.The density is only half of the steel, and the bending weight of the ceramic pipe is only 1/3 of the bending pipe of wear-resistant steel, which is easy to install and replace. 

3. Strong adhesion, heat resistant and corrosion resistant ceramic tablets are installed with high strength structural adhesives on the inner wall of pipes and elbows. High strength structural adhesives have high adhesion strength, high temperature resistance and aging resistance, and many boilers are equipped with ceramic porcelain. The loading process is simple and reliable. Ceramics belong to inorganic materials, do not have oxidation corrosion, acid and alkali corrosion. 

4. The inner wall is smooth, and the porcelain plates of non-blocking powder are sintered with high temperature, and the structure is compact, and the surface is polished after the removal of burrs. The loading process is strictly according to? Job instructions? To ensure the smooth transition of the porcelain plate, the height difference is not more than 0.5mm, and the inner wall of the tube shall be smooth and smooth without blocking the powder. The wear resistant ceramic pipe, ceramic elbow was compared with the traditional pipe, elbow Wear resistant ceramic pipe, ceramic can bend in the market constantly replace some traditional wear materials, basic reason lies in its excellent product quality, as well as with traditional wear materials, such as cast stone, steel casting and centrifugal casting ceramic material has many advantages compared.