Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Tube

Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Tube

Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Tube is a ceramic material mainly composed of alumina (Al2O3). Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Tube have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance.
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Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Tube, Pipes, Elbows are reliable, maintaining close manufacturing tolerance, and ready to install and hence facilitate quick replacement and provide long lasting trouble free operations. Ceramic lined equipments consist of ceramic line pipes, ceramic lined elbows, ceramic lined cones, ceramic turrets, ceramic lined hydro cyclones, ceramic lined orifice, ceramic lined valves. Thus it helps user to get maximum efficiency of the equipment.

Form 1: Lining alumina ceramic tiles:

Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Tube


Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Tube, Pipes, Elbows are a ideal wear resistance material for delivering the coal,sand,mine,slag ,ash ,dregs in Pneumatic ,hydraulic material handling and feeding system.

1.Cement Industry:

Cement powder choosing transmission pipeline, feed hopper, chute, feed bin and so on.

2.Electricity Industry: 

Coal power plant coal transmission pipeline, fly ash exhaust system, chemical water circulation system, desulfurizing system and all the corrosive areas in the nuclear electrical power plant.

3.Coal Mine Industry: 

Coal powder, coal water slurry transmission, the air supply system, air exhaust system and drainage system of the mine.

4.Chemical Industry: 

High corrosive medium transmission, such as strong acid and strong alkali. Salt chemistry brine, salt slurry, raw salt transmission.

5.Petroleum Exploitation Industry: 

Raw oil transmission, natural gas collection transmission system, waste water recirculation system and so on.

6.Metal production Industry: 

Transmission of coke powder, mine powder, pulp, smelting waste and so on.

7.Mining Industry: 



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