Wear-resistant Ceramic Liner Tube

Wear-resistant Ceramic Liner Tube

When the material is transported during the pipeline, it will have a certain impact on the inner wall of the pipeline and cause some wear on the inner wall. This situation will shorten the life of the pipe and increase the cost and time of replacing the equipment. Due to the high wear resistance of alumina ceramics, our alumina ceramic liners tube can solve this problem.
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Product Description:

Our company's alumina ceramic pipe is mainly composed of 92% alumina. The ceramic pipe adopts isostatic pressing technology and is an excellent wear-resistant material to enhance the wear resistance of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.

alumina ceramic liner tube  alumina ceramic tube

In the maintenance of pipeline wear resistance, our company mainly provides two kinds of solutions: 1. Alumina ceramic sheets are attached in the pipeline; 2. The pipeline is lined with isostatic ceramic tubes. The main forms of our pipes are elbows and straight pipes, which are mainly used in the coal industry, the cement industry, and the mining industry, such as dust removal pipes and slag discharge pipes.

Product Advantages:

1. Molding: Isostatic pressing

2. Wear-Resisitance: Approx 10times stronger than common pipes under same  conditions

3. Corrosion resistance: Strong acid or alkali resistant

4. Scouring abrasion resistance: Can bear scouring abrasion by large grain material without damage

5. Good fluidity : Smooth surface ensure the free flow of material without blocking

6. Low maintenance cost: Super wear-resistance reduce the maintenance frequency and also the maintenance cost.

We can accept the customization according to the requirements and drawings provided by the customer.

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