Wear Resistant Ceramic Pipe

Wear Resistant Ceramic Pipe

wear resistant ceramic mat,wear resistant ceramic pipe,wear resistant ceramic tiles,wear resistant ceramic tube,wear resistant chromium carbide plate,wear resistant chromium carbide tube and all kinds of wear resistant materials are manufactured. More details about the wear resistant ceramic pipe,pls let me know.contact line is florahu@zbqishuai.cn
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Product Details

                                wear resistant ceramic pipe(ceramic lined bend pipe)

Description of the wear resistant ceramic pipe(cheap ceramic lined pipe)

The wear-resisting tube(wear resistant ceramic pipe,cheap ceramic lined pipe) of the laminable tube is used to glue the ceramic sheet of alumina ceramic to the inner wall of the pipe with high temperature and high temperature. After the heating and curing, it forms a strong anti-friction layer. The production process of this product is relatively simple, the production cycle is short, the cost is relatively low. Wear-resisting bend (wear resistant ceramic pipe)just as its name implies is a relatively traditional is more wear-resisting bend (wear resistant ceramic pipe), adopted the new wear-resistant plastic production, used in large industrial, currently occupies the market share of around 80%.

Technical details of the ceramic lined bend pipe



  Alumina content


  Bulk Density


  Rockwell Hardness (HRA)


  Compressive Strength


  Fracture Toughness


  Bending Strength


  Thermal Conductivity 20℃


  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion


   Young's Modulus  20℃277GPa

   Shear Modulus   20℃


  Surface  Finish: As Fired




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