Wear Resistant Ceramic Tube For Power

Wear Resistant Ceramic Tube For Power

wear resistant ceramic tube with all kinds of sizes and thickness are provided from China.high alumina ceramic tubes are very popular in minings and power plants. QS is one of the biggest manufacture in North China.wear resistant ceramic mat,wear resistant ceramic tubes and pipes,wear resistant ceramic tiles and wear resistant chromium carbide products are provided.
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Description of the wear resistant ceramic tube for power

The ceramic pipe of the patch is used to paste alumina - resistant ceramic sheet into the inner wall of the pipe with high temperature and high temperature. After heating and curing, it forms a strong anti-friction layer. This kind of product is relatively simple production process, short production cycle, the cost is relatively low, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistant performance is good, affordable, widely used in metallurgy, electric power industry, mining, coal, petroleum and chemical steel machinery industry and other occasions, specifically for power plant coal powder, ash, mining ores, tailings, back to the packing, coal mine, coal, coking plant, coke grain mill, sintering plant material transport, transport of liquid aluminum, corrosion medium, and its wide range of application, is a high cost performance of wear resistant material.

Technicals of the wear resistant ceramic tube for power

Performance Index









Compressive strength(Mpa)





Hardness mohs





Volume density(g/cm3)





Water absorption(%)





Color of product 




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