Wear Resistant Ceramic Tubes

Wear Resistant Ceramic Tubes

Wear resistant ceramic tubes(wear resistannt ceramic pipe,alumina ceramic lining pipe)manufactured by Shandong QS. QS is one of the most biggest factory in China.With 10 years production experience and professional sales team,welcome to choose QS team.
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Product Details

Ceramic composite wear-resistant pipeline(Industry ceramic tube,cheap ceramic lined pipe,wear resistant ceramic tubes)

In environment, the industrial pollution is severe due to the compound in the air, carbon dioxide and hydrogen chloride and other volatile substances, also contain some industrial dust, all of these are likely to lead to corrosion medium. In the humid environment, the acid gas will combine with water to form an inorganic acid which has a strong corrosive property, so it can cause corrosion. In the industrial atmosphere, the equipment is caused by electrochemical corrosion and the synthesis of direct chemical corrosion. The essence of all corrosion is actually an oxidation process of the metal elements forming ions after losing electrons. The main difference between electrochemical corrosion and industrial atmospheric corrosion is that they occur in different environments. Equipment corrosion is closely related with the material of the equipment, in the process of chemical materials selection around the corrosion situation, pay attention to selecting the reasonable, fully considering the nature of the medium, the temperature of the environment and operation pressure and so on, according to the requirements of chemical raw materials, the design of the structure and type.

wear resistant ceramic tubes(cheap ceramic lined pip,wear resistant ceramic tubes) with high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Wear-resisting pipe application fields: the tube of high wear-resisting, corrosion resistant, heat resistant properties, thus can be widely used in mining, electric power, metallurgy, coal, chemical and other industries as conveying sand, coal powder, ash, liquid aluminum and other material grinding particles and corrosive medium, is an ideal wear-resistant corrosion-resistant pipeline.

Technical details of the wear resistant ceramic tubes



Product Name

wear resistant ceramic tubes

  Alumina content


  Bulk Density


  Rockwell Hardness (HRA)


  Compressive strength


  Fracture Toughness


  Bending Strength


  Thermal Conductivity 20℃


  Coefficient of thermal expansion


  Young's Modulus  20℃


   Shear Modulus    20℃




  Surface Finish: As Fired


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